big09Online gambling has really changed over the past decade in a good way for slot machine lovers. The games are so much more entertaining and interactive. Many of the new slot machines are themed after cartoons, television shows, and big screen movies. When you play one of the newer online slots and trigger the bonus feature that is where the fun really begins. Many machines allow you to choose how the bonus plays out, and the longer you stay in that bonus feature the opportunity for you to rack up huge amounts of money is possible. 

It is not unlikely that some free slots machines will give 100 free spins or 10 time multipliers that can skyrocket your bankroll. With all that excitement though there does come a word of caution. You must take the time to make yourself familiar with all the specifics of each machine because the buttons on one machine will vary significantly on another. The last thing you want to do is hit a max bet button and bet $50 that spin when you simply wanted to spin the reels for $1. Take time and play the websites free slots to be more comfortable before you spend any real cash playing.

Online Slot Machine Basics

Many of the new slot machines available online has so many advanced featured that you may get confused with all the buttons, pay lines, symbols, and bonus features. Because the games are so advanced many times the buttons do not even look like traditional buttons. They may be in the shape of eggs, bricks, stones, and ancient coins. The best thing you can do before you get excited and start playing that machine is to take a few minutes and get familiar with how the machine plays. There will always be an information button, rules button, or pay table button. Read the pages carefully so you understand which symbol pays, what pay lines are available, what triggers the bonus, and how you can rack up big money in that bonus feature.

paytableLearning About the Pay Tables

The pay tables are the most important piece of information each slot machine will provide you. The problem is the pay table is hidden during game play so you have to make yourself familiar with it before you spin the reels. The pay table will show you what each symbol is worth on any pay line. The pay table will show you the value of every symbol in the game and explain what symbols trigger bonus features. This is where you will find out all the details of what prizes are available in the bonus feature and how the feature plays out in every scenario.

paylinesStudying All the Pay Lines

Traditional slots had one pay line directly across the center of the reels. Then they incorporated three lines and two diagonal pay lines. Now it is very common to play a 5 reel slot machine with over 100 pay lines. This means you can literally win on just about any spin of the reels. Some slot machines even have reels that move after the spin positioning symbols into winning combinations after the spin is over. With all this going on it makes sense to get familiar with how many lines your machine has before you play. Those lines all cost money so if you have a large enough bankroll those machines can help really help you to score some huge wins.

slotmachinesThe Basics of Slot Machine Betting

You should always take advantage of the websites free slots before you invest your ow money so you get a feel for how the machine operates. Once you understand where all the buttons are and how the pay lines work you can start playing. When you play machines with 3 reels and minimal pay lines you can play with a small bankroll and keep your bets pretty consistent. The machines with 5 reels and hundreds of pay lines are more exciting and will provide you hours of fun if you have the bankroll to play. You can adjust how much you bet per line so you can still take advantage of all the pay lines without betting the maximum the machine allows.

slotmachinebonusesUnderstand the Bonus Features

The bonus feature of each machine is based on the theme of the machine. Within the bonus you will have the opportunity to choose certain ways the bonus plays out and those rewards could be free spins, cash multipliers, and percentage multipliers that increase your overall winning by a certain percent. The games within the game can be retriggered and you could spend quite a long time just in the bonus feature especially if you hit a bonus with 100 free spins. While those spins are taking place all that bonus money adds to your bankroll without touching any of your money per spin.

The Ease of the Auto Play

The auto play was designed to take out the boring task of hitting the spin button hundreds of times an hour. When your bankroll is large enough you can program the slot machine to spin as many times as you like and even have it stop once a bonus feature is triggered. This way you sit back and enjoy the game and only really get involved when the bonus features needs you to make decisions.

What is the Bet Max Button

The bet max button allows you to simply bet the farm on any spin you choose. This is the online gambling version of the all in bet. While you can not bet your entire bankroll like poker, you can bet the maximum that the slot machine will allow. Pressing the max bet button will activate all the pay lines, all the reels, and the max coins per line. Be sure you know where that button is so you do not hit it by mistake during play.

progressivejackpotJackpot Progressives

When a group of online machines are linked together and take a small percentage of each spin and deposit into a jackpot account, this is called a progressive slot machine. When the winning combination is hit that one person will the entire cash pool. It can be hundreds and even millions of dollars if the jackpot had not been hit for a long time. Be sure you pay attention on a machine with a progressive jackpot because you must bet the max coins to be eligible for the win.